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Our company is a small, innovative, highly-creative company. We offer global products sourcing, manufacturing, retail and appropriate route-to-market strategies to effectively respond to challenges and opportunities.

At Integrated Project Support Services (IPSS), we know firsthand the benefits of quality line marketing, as we are exclusive/non-exclusive agents and sales representatives of local and international companies. The driving principle of our business is to go the extra mile to find ethically, well-made products at unbeatable prices to meet the most refined & demanding customers’ tastes at reasonably affordable prices. 

We strive to offer products that last the test of time. While not all our products will eventually become family heirlooms, they will no doubt remain memorable items to be cherished by all who possess them.

Our Products Include those Made with Biodegradable Materials


Our Slippers Come in Various Exotic Patterns, Colors & Shoe Sizes


Unique Designs

Designed & Made Entirely from Responsibly Sourced Materials By Italian Artisans.


100% Made in Italy

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