Fin Flex Women’s Indoor Outdoor Anti Slip Slippers Heart Love Pattern Slip On RP23 Pink Hearts


Fin-Flex Female House Slippers – Light & Comfortable Hearts or Love patterns, Indoor Slippers. Fondly called The Love & Heart design. Made of upper soft textile material, smooth textured inside & outer lining for comfort. Permanent print design. Unique addition to women’s house/indoor slippers. This collection comes in 4 designs to suit your style, mood and occasion: Pink Hearts; Two Purple Hearts; Two Blue Hearts & One Love. Aptly designed to captures the essence of individual/self or collective love. Please wear a size larger for perfect fit. 100% Made in Italy.

Key Features

  • Anti-Slip polyurethane sole
  • Arched contours for feet support
  • Colorfully designed Heart Love Pattern Pink Hearts and other color tones
  • 100% made by Italian artisans
  • Durable, lightweight slippers
  • Soft textured Anti-slide insole material
  • Comes in a unique hexagonal shaped box
  • Affordable Italian Luxury
  • Available in shoe size 5 6, 7 & 8
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